Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and the weather is changing. We’ve curated a collection of helpful spring home maintenance tips to get your home in tip top shape and ready for the warm months ahead. It may look intimidating, but take 2 or 3 a weekend and you’ll be done in no time, with daylight left to spare.

Clean Gutters & Downspouts

Once leaves and debris have been removed, inspect for any sections of gutter which have been pulled away from the house. Also, check for any leaks and seal them with caulking.


While you’re up inspecting gutters, inspect your roof too, make sure there aren’t any shingles or tiles coming loose or missing.

Clean Siding

Best done with a pressure washer, if you don’t have a pressure washer, find a good local professional. Once clean, check for weathering or paint failure. If wood is visible, sand the area, primer and then paint. If you find peeling paint, scrape the loose paint off and then sand smooth prior to painting.

Exterior Caulking

Check for deterioration. Be sure to scrape out all of the old, eroded caulk and recaulk as needed.

Sills and Thresholds

Fill any cracks, caulk edges and repaint as needed.

Window & Doors

Clean screens and check for damage or holes. Patch or replace any screens with holes larger than half dollar, you don’t want bugs to climb in. Replace malfunctioning hardware and ensure screens are fastened securely. Also, tighten and lubricated hinges and closures.

Hot Water Heater

Lubricated the circulating pump and motor.


Inspect your foundation walls, floors for cracking, heaving, or deterioration for both concrete and masonry. If you find significant deterioration—call a professional—waiting will only end up costing you more money.

Decks & Porches

Check for deterioration or loose members. Also note that wood fences and open decks need to be treated every 4-6 years, depending on the amount of rain exposure. If you find wood that has turned a dark grey, call a pro .


Trim back all vegetation or overgrown bushes from your home and other structures. This could save you from having to repaint an entire side of your house as leaves and branches can cut into your house’s paint.


Run your sprinklers and check for leaky valves, exposed lines and malfunctioning heads. If it seems over your head, a professional is a good idea. Not only will ensuring your sprinklers work properly keep your lawn and plants green, it may help conserve water.