18 Fun Winter Activities

18 winter activities

Many people stay inside, and don’t do a ton during the winter months. Ice, low temperatures, and a desire to stay warm keeps you from enjoying a fun, festive time of year. We put together a list of fun winter activities you can do with your kids, relatives, and friends. Don’t just bundle up in front of the tv all winter, go out and have some fun, a winter coat may be necessary.

  1. Build a snowman with your kids.
  2. Organize a big snowball fight with everyone on your street. Good fun for everyone in your community.
  3. Bake a few dozen cookies, and give them away to neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers.
  4. Bake a pie just for grins and giggles.
  5. Give back to your community. donate your time, new toys, or clothes to local charity organizations.
  6. Make a card and send it to an old friend.
  7. Go caroling with your family.
  8. Make homemade hot cocoa.
  9. Offer to shovel snow (free of charge) for those in need.
  10. Devise and start a healthy new habit.
  11. Look at old photos.
  12. Throw a holiday party.
  13. Go camping.
  14. Learn about a different religion/holiday celebration.
  15. Donate blood at your local blood bank.
  16. Have a movie night with friends.
  17. Go ice skating or learn how to ice skate.
  18. Start and finish a good book.